Civil Litigation

Ceman Law Office, LLC is a litigation firm. That means if you have a civil matter that may end up in court, whether it be a contract, property, injury, tort or other civil dispute, Scott Ceman is the attorney to have on your side. While civil matters historically do not go to trial as often as criminal matters, the threat of trial is always present. This simple fact gives former prosecutors the edge when negotiating any civil dispute. Attorney Scott Ceman has tried over 100 jury trials, 2 of which were so complex that they were nationally livestreamed over the internet (both of which he won). Scott Ceman knows how to read a room, select a jury, and is not afraid of asking the tough questions.

A former Army Paratrooper, Scott’s not afraid of a good fight and he fights to ensure the rights of his clients are upheld every day. Contact Ceman Law Office for the attorney with the experience to guide you through your civil matter and general litigation needs to secure you the best resolution possible. Contact Ceman Law Office, LLC. for a free consultation and put Scott Ceman’s years of experience to work for you today.