Why Hire A Former Prosecutor?

Experienced former prosecutors like Scott Ceman are not only accomplished trial attorneys, they’re also highly skilled investigators. They’re trained to meticulously scrutinize written records, business, property and medical reports, witness statements, police investigations and all other forms of written, physical and digital evidence. Experienced former prosecutors like Scott Ceman are also highly skilled at legal research. Ceman Law Office, LLC is Westlaw© equipped to ensure all legal precedents that support the facts and arguments of your case are identified while the weaknesses of our opponent’s cases are exploited.

Experienced former prosecutors are also experienced at identifying constitutional violations leading up to and following arrests, such as 4th, 5th and 6th Amendment violations. Over the years, Scott Ceman has trained law enforcement on nearly every aspect of stops, warrants, questioning and investigations. Scott Ceman knows how to identify the common mistakes made by law enforcement and how to make those errors work in your favor. Scott Ceman is also a forensic interviewer who has been trained to identify leading and suggestive interviews and statements of people who accuse others of crimes or civil wrong doing.

What does all this mean for you? It means an experienced former prosecutor like Scott knows how to look for flaws in your opponent’s case. Scott Ceman knows how to identify errors in forensic interviews, civil pleadings and records, police and expert reports and inconsistencies in witness statements. Scott Ceman can pinpoint the legal issues that may lead to suppression of evidence or aid in winning your case. However, some cases just need to be tried and Scott Ceman is the fearless advocate in your corner who’s not afraid to take your case to jury trial. Scott Ceman is an experienced litigator, having tried over 100 jury trials. Scott Ceman knows how to read a room, select a jury, and is not afraid of asking the tough questions. Prosecutors and Civil Litigation Attorneys know that attorneys with significant experience like Scott Ceman are formidable advocates at trial.

However, a jury trial may not always be your best option. Scott’s substantial trial and investigative experience are invaluable in negotiating with the state or opposing civil counsel on your behalf to get you the best resolution possible.

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